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La Palma Veterinary Hospital understands how much your furry family members mean to you, which is why we want to share that same love, compassion, and understanding when bringing them to our office. We've created an informative blog page on our website so our clients are able to learn about helpful pet care tips that they may not know about, helping them in the future.


If there's a topic that you'd like us to discuss, please let us know at any time. Call our Anaheim vet office at (714) 535-1141 and we'll be happy to help you answer any questions, concerns, or schedule a visit for your pet.


January 2022

Top 5 Loving Pet New Year’s Resolutions 


December 2021

3 Super Fun Ways to Play With Your Cat


November 2021

How Often Should I Go to The Vet?


October 2021

Pet Allergies - What Can You Do?


September 2021

Pet Insurance - Do I Need it?


August 2021

Your Pet Ate What?


July 2021

Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

Summer Exacerbates Your Pet's Breathing Problems


June 2021

Tips for Dealing with Pet Allergies

June is Adopt a Cat Month!


May 2021

The Good & Bad of Hepatitis C Discovery in Dogs

The Benefits of Crate Training Your Cat

The Health Benefits of Owning a Pet


April 2021

April is Heartworm Awareness Month

April 24 is World Veterinary Day

Selecting a Boarding Kennel for Your Dog


March 2021

Household Items that are Dangerous for Pets

Introducing Your New Pet to Your Current Furry Friend

Garden Safety Tips for Pets


February 2021

February is Pet Dental Health Month

The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership for Elderly

Quiet! Solutions for Barking Dogs


January 2021

Happy 2021! New Year, New Pet Resolutions

How to Care for Orphan Kittens

Medical Concerns for Guinea Pigs


December 2020

10 Tips to Keep Your Pet Warm and Safe This Winter

Emergency Kit For Your Pet

Holiday Pet Tip: No Sweets for Your Sweet Pet


November 2020

Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely With Your Pets

November is National Pet Diabetes Month

The Health Benefits of Owning a Pet


October 2020

October is National Pet Wellness Month

Pet Behavior: Aggressive Cats and Dogs

Senior Pets - Maintaining Good Health


September 2020
August 2020


July 2020

5 Impressive Things Dogs Can Sense Before They Happen


June 2020

Pet Diagnostics: The Benefits of Endoscopy


May 2020

Home Dental Care For Your Pet


April 2020

April is Heartworm Awareness Month


August 2018

Monitor Obesity in Your Pets


September 2018

Leaving Your Cat Alone While You're Gone


October 2018

Potential Dangers for Your Pet from Halloween Costumes


November 2018

Sharing Holiday Meals with Pets


December 2018

New Year's Resolutions for Your Pet


January 2019

Going for Walks with Your Dog


February 2019

National Pet Dental Health Month


March 2019

5 Flowers that are Hazardous to Your Pet


April 2019

Heartworm Awareness in Pets


May 2019

National Chip Your Pet Month


June 2019

Caring for Senior Dogs


July 2019

Teaching Your Dog to Swim


August 2019

Gardening and Pet Safety


September 2019

Importance of Dog Training


October 2019

Halloween Candy - Keep Your Pet Safe


November 2019

Avoid Thanksgiving Foods for Pets


December 2019

New Year's Resolutions for Your Pet


January 2020

Winter Safety Tips for Your Pet


February 2020

Canine Troubles: How to Win Over Your New Love’s Dog


March 2020

The Big Catch: Yawning in Dogs

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