Low Cost Vaccine Clinic

At La Palma Veterinary Hospital, we truly care about the health of your pets. We understand that pet care can at times be challenging and costly.  La Palma Vet Hospital is proud to offer our Low Cost Vaccine Clinic during office hours by appointment. Our low cost clinic provides your pets with protective vaccines they need, at an affordable price.
Dog Vaccines
DHP provides protection from serious illnesses including hepatitis, distemper, and parainfluenza.
This vaccine series begins during the puppy stage of life.
Parvo is a viral disease that occurs in the intestinal tract of dogs. This vaccine can prevent the virus and the associated vomiting and diarrhead symptoms.
Bordetella is often termed as "kennel cough." These symptoms include high-pitched coughing, sneezing, and gagging.
Cat Vaccines
FVRCP is an "all in one-vaccine." This will protect your cat from Feline Rhinotrachetis Virus, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia.
-FVR symptoms include discharge of the eyes and nose, coughing, and sneezing. This viral disease attacks the upper respiratory tract.
-Calicivirus is strongly resistant to disinfectants. This respiratory disease is viral and highly infectious.
-Panleukopenia often results in the death of cats. This disease attacks the gastrointestinal tracts, nervous system, and immune system.
FELV attackes the overall immune system of a cat and can affect all of the organs within the body. Cats will not always show symptoms of the often fatal disease. 
Rabies Vaccinations are available for both cats and dogs.
This viral and fatal disease of the brain can be passed to humans.
Low cost vaccine clinic is by appointment only.  La Palma Veterinary Hospital can be reached at (714) 535-1141 with any questions you may have.  Please keep all pets in a carrier or on a leash during their visit to the clinic.  We look forward to seeing you and your pet!